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Welcome to™.  An entertaining fan or member-submitted website that shares the sexy, strange, and funny would around us.  Who are we you ask?  Just a couple of beer-drinking, fun-loving, regular guys wanting to create a site to share and store your favorite candid pics.  We started sharing the few pics we creeped ourselves and felt if we had fun sending pics between our friends, maybe there were more like us out there.  So was born.  We created this site to document these sexy, funny, strange, gross, odd pictures as well as a place for you submit your own creepshots.  With that said, most pictures submitted are of great butts, boobs and legs.

What is a ‘CreepShot’ you ask?  A CANDID picture that captures the naturally sexy or funny aspect of a person you have seen out in public.  Not all pics on the site are actual creepshots.  We do tend to have a weakness for beauty so you will find some posed / staged pics and well as sexy friends we have met along the way, but for the most part, they are fan-submitted creepshots.